Tips for Nationals #9: Pack Early

Posted by Natalie

If you are anything like me, most of your packing for a trip takes place in the 5 minutes before you are supposed to leave home. However, if you want to actually be prepared for a week away from home, you should probably get ready earlier.

This doesn’t mean you need to have your suitcase ready to go tomorrow. But maybe start packing clothes to get them all in one place. Also, then you will know what needs to be washed before you leave. Start making a detailed list of all the items you need and check them off as you put them in your suitcase. 

Look at the weather. Know if you will need to pack a light jacket or an umbrella. Think through all the activities you will be doing outside of competing. Will you be swimming at your hotel? Will you be going out after the day’s competition? How much casual clothing will you need. How many pairs of shoes do you need to pack?

Start planning everything out now so that you can have a smooth and stress free day of travel.