Coach With Us

notebook-405755_1920 (1)-2We enjoy our time spent coaching in our region and would like to expand our reach. All coaching sessions will be held over Skype in 1 hour long sessions. Maximum of two sessions per day.

We can coach anything: whole rounds, debate theory, argumentation strategies, idea brainstorming, blocking speeches, refining delivery, etc.

Debate: $25 per hour

Speech: $25 per hour

Payment must come in advance and any late (longer than 15 minutes) or missed appointments will not be refunded. However, if there are any technical difficulties on our end that significantly inhibit the quality of coaching, we will not charge you for the session.

You can request a specific coach, if you would like. However, coaching sessions will be determined by availability. We will try to match the best coach to you based on your requests for the session. Please book a session at least 48 hours in advance.

Contact to book an appointment.