Tips for Nationals #12: Take Time to Relax

Posted by Bryan

This may sound kind of opposite of the rest of our tips. We’ve told you to practice often, do research and reading, and even to put a lot of thought into your clothing choices. But at a certain point, both before and during the tournament, you need to take time for yourself to recharge. Stress is a funny thing; a little bit of it makes us superhuman, but a lot of it causes your brain and body to shut down. You don’t need to worry about the tournament too much because your body will take care of the adrenaline rush before rounds. Adding piles of stress on top of that runs the risk of your brain simply not working.

So, if at all possible, take some time to recharge after each day at the tournament. Watch some Youtube videos or a movie, read a book, hang out with friends, whatever lets you recharge. This is especially important if you are competing in multiple events. Relaxing will put you in a much better mental and physical state to do your absolute best in every round.

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