Tips for Nationals #10: Do Warm Ups

Posted by Natalie

One of the strangest things for me when I transitioned to college was getting used to warm ups. Every morning, before the tournament started, we would get to the tournament early, find an empty room, gather around and do warm ups to wake up our mouths   and bodies. This soon became one of my favorite things to do. When you get up early, your body isn’t ready to go right away and you need to take some time to let your it wake up.

In college, we would use rooms at the tournament. However, I don’t know if the buildings would be open early enough or if the tournament officials would want you wandering around before the tournament starts. So, I would recommend warming up in your hotel room (just keep the volume down to not bother your neighbors).

First, you will want to wake up 30 minutes to 1 hour earlier than you normally would to give your self time to warm up. Then, get ready for the day. Eat breakfast, get dressed, get all your stuff together. When you are all ready, do you warm ups. Start with some tongue twisters, do a couple of activities that will get your body moving, then practice your speech/speeches once (if you are only in debate, read through your affirmative or read through some evidence to get your mouth warmed up). Give yourself plenty of time so that you don’t feel rushed. On the car ride over, don’t sleep no matter how tempted you are. Instead, listed to your favorite pump up music. Stay energized and awake so you are ready to go.

Most of you won’t have events every round and won’t be in both speech and debate. In your off rounds, try to do things that will keep you awake. Don’t just sit in the hang out room and watch videos on your phone. When the time comes for you to perform again, spend the 15-30 minutes before getting warmed up again. The trick is to keep your adrenaline going so the early mornings don’t catch up to you until after the tournament is over and you are safely driving back home.

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