Tips for Nationals #3: Speak to Anyone with a Heartbeat 

Posted by Natalie

For those of you going to nationals in speech, I hope you are already practicing multiple times a day. You have less than two weeks left so forensics should be your top priority right now. However, if you are not practicing in front of a person, you are not effectively practicing. We perform differently depending on the context. You know this; you know that how you perform in competition is different than how you perform in your living room. The same is true for practicing. You practice differently when you do it for yourself than if you do it in front of a person and speaking in front of a person gets a lot closer to how you speak in competition. Remember, how you practice is how you perform.

I know, it is sometimes uncomfortable to give you speech to your mom and eventually you feel like you are torturing your siblings by asking them to watch the same speech everyday, but sometimes you have to do it. When I competed in college, I would have Bryan watch all six of my speeches everyday for weeks.

In our first tip, I joked about giving your speech to a random stranger. This is only a slight exaggeration. Find anyone willing to watch your speech and give it to them. If your family literally starts hiding from you whenever you walk past, move on to friends. Also, get together or Skype with other people going to nationals and give your speeches to each other. You may still get tired of hearing them, but at least it is a mutually beneficial relationship.

Bottom line: Give your speech a lot. Give it well. And give it for a person.

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