A New Chapter

Posted by Natalie 

When I graduated high school over six years ago, I thought my journey with NCFCA speech and debate was over. I helped out at my old club when I could, but as the weight of a college schedule and the competitiveness of college forensics began to absorb my schedule, that involvement became less and less frequent. Then, several years ago, our desire to get involved again pushed my husband (Bryan) and I to publish a soucebook and that was how Olympus was born. The sourcebook was short lived as our schedules were once again overtaken, this time by graduate school stress. However, now that both of us have graduated, we are ready and excited to hop into the world of NCFCA speech and debate and this time, we have help as my brother Christopher is bringing his years of debate experience to the team.

The three of us are dedicated to providing the best possible resources to new and experienced NCFCA forensicators at an affordable price. As we slowly grow our company, we plan on expanding the resources we publish, but right now we are starting where we all began our careers: in debate. We hope that you will check out our upcoming publications and contact us if you want to be notified when they go on sale.

However, we also understand that right now is an exciting time. The regular season is over and right now you are either looking forward in anticipation to next year, or in crazy preparation for nationals. With that in mind, starting tomorrow, we will be sharing two weeks of tips leading up to nationals. Some will come from our upcoming Team Policy textbook, others will be from our decades of experience. Also, if you need any last minute coaching let us know. Our hope is that we can offer a little assistance as you get ready for the next chapter.




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